What feature should a business directory must have?

One of the most important features in a business directory is definitely the search feature. Having a quality search feature will keep your site visitors coming back and using the site for much longer. If your site visitors can find exactly what they need when they search within your site, you’re on the way to running a successful site. Now you just need to offer something of value to the user searching on your site. So it’s important to make sure the search feature is useful to all users & provides something of value to the user searching.

Every business directory should offer a free listing and a paid listing.

This is a great way to generate revenue from your site. Offering all businesses to register in your site is a great way to build your business listings and increase your traffic. The more business listings your directory has, the better it is. You should market your paid products before promoting your free products, the right marketing and price for your product, could generate you some good income from the site. You need to think of something that will get people spending money through your site.

You should always categorize your business directory, having a good selection of categories will help users find exactly what they’re after fast. You should list as many categories you can possibly think of in your directory, you should also go to other websites and use the categories from them. You can also offer site users the option to add categories, if the category they’re after isn’t available. Having a good selection of categories is a must on any directory, some users prefer to search for business listings using the search feature, others would prefer to search by categories. So it’s best to have both of these features working well.

So if you want to have a successful business directory, you must have a good quality search feature.

You must also have a good selection of categories to help users find exactly what they need. You need to have a free product and paid product to generate the income. And you must offer something good to the site visitors to keep them coming back and using your directory. Offer them anything from discounts to free services. If you can provide all this, you’re on the way to running a successful business directory and hopefully making some good money from it. You can also sell other advertising space on your site if you start to get some good traffic.